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Introducing the short video app with a fully configurable admin panel the ultimate solution for flawless short  form content creation and management. With a user friendly interface, powerful management system, and customizable features, the app makes it easy to build, brand, and monetize your unique platform. Explore real time, social integration and optimization tools to keep users engaged. Secure and scalable, it’s your all in-one entry into the rapidly evolving world of short form video content. Unleash your creativity and business potential with our short video app today!

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Introducing our state-of the art Short video app with full set of admin panels the best solution to create, manage and thrive in the dynamic world of short video content! Whether you’re a  content creator, influencer, or business owner looking to engage with your audience in a meaningful way, our packages have you covered.

Key Features:

User-friendly interface: Our short videos have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that provides a great experience for both creators and viewers. With easy navigation and clear design, users can easily search and contribute to the growing world of short videos.

Powerful admin panel: Manage your platform with our powerful admin panel. Easily manage users, content and settings from one central location. From user reviews to minutiae, our admin panel gives you the tools you need to build and improve your platform.

Customization options: Customize your app to reflect your brand with customizable themes, logos and branding elements. Create unique and memorable experiences for your users to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Monetization Opportunities: Unleash revenue streams with built-in monetization features. From affiliate models to premium subscription models, our short videos help you turn your passion into results.

 integration: Create a shared experience by integrating with popular social media. Content sharing, networking and collaboration capabilities make it easy for users to expand their reach.

 Video Editing Tools: Provide your users with advanced and effective editing tools. From filters and effects to music mixing, our apps provide everything you need to create easily shareable content.

Real-Time Analysis: Gain insight into user behavior, performance and platform growth with our real-time dashboard. Make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and maximize your potential.

 and Scalable: You can be sure that your application is built on a secure and scalable foundation. As your user base grows, our solutions can easily scale to meet the needs of your expanding community.

Uniqye Tik Tok / Clone / Short videos / Dubsmash like clone
Signup / Login
Audio song selection
Dubbing & video Selfie
View and like you favorite video
Live streaming
Multimedia attachment & chat options
Video posting, filters, comments, discovery sharing
In-app push notification
View user profile
Terms and conditions
Privacy policy
User reporting
Tic-Tok clone app & many more…


Launch your short video app with confidence knowing you have a complete setup that combines innovation, functionality and a commitment  to user satisfaction. Don’t forget to edit short videos; Start using our short video app and admin panel setup today!


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